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23-02-2011, 16:09

i forum gdje kaže kako i što..


Isprobao sam,namjestio i super radi,samo bi trebao još to fino poštelat i tu bi trebao mali pomoć iskusnih...

Evo i uputstva!
Facetracking: what's that?

A while ago, the only way to 'tell' your computer what to do, was by moving your mouse and hitting buttons. Of course you could also use a joystick and/or similar devices, but you still had to use your hands (or feet).

Since the evolution of web-cam technology and gaming-consoles (and the accompanying software's), it is also possible to send data to your computer by moving others parts of your body: motion tracking was introduced.

The technology is simple: a web-cam sends a video-stream to the computer, thus providing a massive stream of 'raw-data'. Sophisticated software filters the video-images and locates 'reference points' (usually bright IR-lights). Using these anchors, the software calculates movement and position(s), relative to an artificial 'center'. This data can now be used to move your head 'in-game': a very natural way of moving compared to the old 'sticks and buttons'!

The beauty of FaceTrackNoIR is that the tracker-software uses 'facial reference-points' to do the math, so no LED-constuctions are required...
6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF):
Looking at the picture above, you can see that there are 6 directions in which one can move his head. The Forward/Back, Left/Right and Up/Down movements obviously are self-explanatory, so we'll skip those. The rotations however, can cause confusion. Many games use the names mentioned in the picture:

* Yaw = rotation your head to the Left/Right;
* Pitch = tilting your head Up/Down;
* Roll = tilting your head Left/Right;

Area's outside aviation often use their own names for Yaw, Pitch and Roll. Some call the rotations rotX, rotY and rotZ and that's where the confusion starts: which axis is X, Y, Z and which rotation then gets which name? There is no 'law' for this, so you may find several different versions...
The faceAPI is not specifically designed for aviation purposes, so it uses the rotX, rotY and rotZ names:

* rotX = Pitch;
* rotY = Yaw;
* rotZ = Roll;

FaceTrackNoIR uses INI-files to save the settings 'per-game'. These files are stored in the 'Settings' folder per default. On startup, the last INI-file that was used is automatically opened.
The 'File' menu offers the following functions:

* Open (an existing INI-file);
* Save (the current INI-file);
* Save As (the user will be asked for a new name);
* Exit (Close FaceTrackNoIR);
The options menu offers buttons to configuration dialogs.
The Preferences are global settings, which are stored in the Windows Registry. So they apply to all games/protocols. I think the description of these settings says it all?
Keyboard shortcuts
To influence the facetracker while 'in-game', shortkeys can be defined to:

* Center view;
* Stop/Start the tracker;
* Disable a defined set of DOF-axis;
The shortcuts can be changed, while the tracker is running.
Curve settings
The user can define the curve, by which actual head-movement (vertical axis) is translated into in-game movement (horizontal axis). The curve can be changed by 'grabbing' a circular handle and dragging it (within the light-blue area). There are two tabs: one for rotations and one for translations.
The curves can be changed while the tracker is running.
Tracker and game-protocol
FaceTrackNoIR currently only supports one face-tracker (faceAPI from SeeingMachines). Since we are prepared for the future, this tracker is selected using the Tracker Source listbox. When faceAPI is running, some of it's details can be viewed using the Settings button.
The game-protocol can be selected with the Game-protocol checkbox. Check out the Compatible games section, if you don't know which protocol to use. Some protocols have their own settings. If so, the button will appear (with the protocol icon).

* To use PPJoy, the PPJoy software must first be installed and a 'virtual joystick' must then be installed as well. More info can be found in the ClientFiles folder of FaceTrackNoIR.
* To use FSUIPC it is necessary to copy the file FSUIPC.dll to the Modules folder of Microsoft Flight Simulator. If the installation-path of FS2002 or FS2004 is non-standard, the actual path must be defined using the Settings dialog of the FSUIPC protocol.
* To use FaceTrackNoIR with Combat Flight Simulator 3 (and others) the file TIRViews.dll must be placed in the installation folder of FaceTrackNoIR. This file can be downloaded from the NaturalPoint website (it's part of the TrackIR software). The checkbox 'use TIRViews' must also be ticked in the Settings of 'fake TrackIR'.
Camera name, Filter settings and Invert axis
When the tracker is started, or on program startup, the name of the first usable video-input-device is shown by FaceTrackNoIR (Deskshare IP Camera Source in the example below). Unfortunately the non-commercial version of faceAPI (which is used, because it's free...) only uses the first camera it finds.
http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/images/FTNoIR%20Camera%20Name%20and%20Rotation%20settings .jpg
process the raw headpose-data, FaceTrackNoIR has two features: smoothing and EWMA-filtering. Both features are meant to stabilize the raw headpose-data and remove spikes and jitter.

* The smoothing setting works for all 6 DOF's at once. It adds the values of the last x raw values and divides them by x, thus creating a 'moving average'. Try to keep this value low, because smoothing will logically lead to a slower response.
* The EWMA-filter (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average) is a bit more advanced and has seperate settings for each DOF. If the filter is activated, it processes raw values using the formulaS_{t} = \alpha \times Y_{t} + (1-\alpha) \times S_{t-1} The factor α determines the weight of all previous samples. When you think response is too slow, lower the settings.

Finally, it is possible to invert an axis, by checking it's Invert checkbox. Some games interpret the -/+ directions different than faceAPI does...

04-03-2011, 13:37
Kako ovo pokrenuti u il-2 1946?Za game protocol sam odabrao freetrack. Kamera radi na 30fps ona žuta linija se iscrta kad detektuje točke na licu ali nema rekacije u igri. Treba li još šta instalirati osim ovog programa?

04-03-2011, 15:41
Moraš updejtat na verziju 140,to je prvo,zatim izabrati za game protokol fake TrackIR

07-03-2011, 08:06
Izašla je verzija 1.5 beta. Ovo je Quote sa SAS (http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,7689.msg151613.html#msg151613) foruma

Hello flying boys and girls,

Well, I guess you already noticed: the fifth update of FaceTrackNoIR was released yesterday


Again, we have spent quite a lot of blood, sweat and tears ( ) to improve the program.

Please try it and have even more fun flying...


P.S.: The website of FaceTrackNoIR was completely re-designed. Please take a look and tell us what you think of it?

09-03-2011, 17:58
Hvala ti prpradilo je malo eksperimentiram.Istina malo sporo ali ide.(Evo probam edit posta)!!!

29-07-2011, 13:24
Problem kod free tracka (ili nečeg drugog) je to što nakon pokretanja me dva puta pita dali želim zatvoriti program te se nakon toga sve postavke od kamere ponište. Znači, i kontrast i svjetlina itd. sve ode na početak. Jel imao tko sličan problem?

31-07-2011, 12:48
Ja moram svaki put kad upalim komp u programu od web cam namjestiti postavke ponovo (exsposure sa auto na manual itd).Zatim isključiti taj program i tek onda startati Freetrack inače se sru

31-07-2011, 13:25
Ja nemoram ništa.
Uključim Freetrack, stisnem "Start", provjerim jel se sve to glatko okreće, i to je to.
Znam da Nubian i Gec isto koriste Freetrack.
Siguran sam da bi netko od njih dvojce mogao imati ljek za te vaše čudne bolesti:)

31-07-2011, 14:32
Razgovarali smo o tome. Jedino oni imaju sa tri diode a ja sa jednom, sad...možda je zbog toga..nemam pojma. Moram sa tri diode napraviti, pa onda vidjeti šta se gogađa, a i malo je ljeti i vruće pod kapom :)

31-07-2011, 14:47
Kaso to sigurno nema veze sa brojem dioda !
Nekaj tebi sa softverom ili kamerom nije ok!

31-07-2011, 19:42
a najvjerojatnije sa softwareom kamere :p