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It's a new-build replica with modern engines and a few other updates for safe flight. It's one of five new examples that were copied from an original while it was being restored by the same team of builders. As far as originals, one private museum is restoring a WWII example for flight with original engines that have been improved with modern high-strength materials, no doubt an impressive endeavor.Complete factory drawings were missing. This team restored an original Me262 for the US Navy, which allowed them to copy the parts and construct 5 new replicas, both 2-seat and single-seat. Modern engines were used because it's much safer to actually fly with them instead of using unobtainable and unreliable original engines.

The new engines do have added thrust, but it is advised to fly within original design parameters (below 600 mph). Engine placement and nacelle weight were kept as original to maintain CG and other flight characteristics. Yeah, the nacelle + engine combination of the reproduction weighes the same as the old Jumo 004 + nacelle combination in order to preserve the original weights & CG at all load outs. As for weak points having been strengthened, this refers mainly to the landing gear.
The moden J-85 engines weigh approximately 1/4 of the originals and produce twice the thrust. With the extra power, it's possible to fly beyond the original loads of the airframe so data placards with limits are in the cockpit. The remakes have shorter takeoff, better climb, and have improved landing gear and brakes.  The project data says a flight range of over 1000 miles with the modern fuel-efficient engines...still in the sub-sonic range according to the project data. And they advise flying in the 500 mph range and not exceeding into the 600 mph range because the airplane was not designed for the structural loads at those speeds.

The Collings Foundation purchased the first 2-seat example and they plan to sell rides eventually. I think they are still clearing the paperwork with the FAA for passenger flights. Originally, I read that passengers would be limited to only people with jet piloting experience but it may have been expanded to the general public. Check with the Collings Foundation for more info.

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