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16-11-2015, 00:21
Statistics: http://thorftp.tk/seow/MP4public/Statistics/MP-MissionDetails.php?Sector=ItalyExp&Mission_Name=SE-ItalyExp-194310150800.mis

Bari Ground-Attack was exceptionally successful with few casualties.
Potenza Ground-Attack was...
Ajaccio Ground-Attack was moderately successful with heavy causalities.
Taranto Bombing was...


Operation: Tank Eater
Overwhelming Success!




109 scored: 7 kills
1x Hurricane Bomber
1x P-39N-1
5x Spitfire

334th scored: 2 kills
2x Spitfire

102nd scored: 5 kills
1x Beaufighter
2x P-39N-1
2x Spitfire

LeR 3 scored: 4 kills
2x Hurricane Bomber
2x B-25

II/JG77 scored: 1 kill
1x C-47

I/JG7 scored: 2 kills
2x Spitfire

22GCT scored: 1 kill
1x C-47

Planes lost to anti-air 5
Planes lost to fighters 5
Planes lost to crashes 7
Planes lost to Friendly Fire 0
Planes lost to ships 0

Axis Plane Losses 17
Allied Plane Losses 36

Post complaints/flight debrief bellow.

Bari Tank Eater
Bari AXIS troops:
Bari Ground-Attack:
Bari x2:
Bari x3:
Bari Dead ATG:
Bari Fuel Leak:
http://puu.sh/lmVuY/eb556e02fc.bmp40mm Ajaccio:


Potenza: http://puu.sh/lnggU/7d3f556f52.png

Nothing significant

16-11-2015, 01:45
2 x Fw190
Bari GA / CAP

Air kills: 2 x spitfire
Ground kills: 1 x tank (sherman?)

We headed to Bari with CAP flights and attacked first tanks we saw and destroyed one. After that we took some altitude but we were jumped by high spitfires and had to dive down and disengage. Spits didn't follow us so we took altitude and headed back. We spotted Fw190s fighting spits over sea east from Bari and joined the fight and shot last spit down. Patrolled over Bari for a while but as there wasn't enemys around we headed to SE around BM25. It seemed that there was fight over 7k and one spitfire was forced to dive down which we engaged and after short fight damaged it. Spit went into clouds and disapeared but later i got the kill when it crash landed. Headed back to Bari and strafed some ground targets with no luck on way back to home. Landed at Benevento.

16-11-2015, 10:04
JG77 (Black Flight):

Flight Lead: II./JG77_RC

Mission: Cover Bari

Got on station over Bari, fought with enemy Spits around the area for a while until they were forced out of the area. Once area was clear gave to OK to Varp ground attack group to come strike enemy ground units. Maintained control over the airspace with some friendly fighters from other groups (most likely 334th) Some action up high but nothing significant we just made sure the enemy was looking at us the whole time and not the VARP Boys who were down hard at work on the deck destroying enemy ground units. Once we went Bingo fuel RTB. One plane was on fumes and had to land at Fogia instead of Benivento.

JG77/ JG7 (White Flight):

Flight Lead: II./JG77_Jack

Mission: Patrol front line Potenza/ Bari

After arriving in Potenza airspace fought Spits up high with Leo knocking one down, finally forced out of that area by overwhelming enemy forces. Moved to Bari to provide support to Black Flight, engaged Spitfires up high, Leo again managed to knock another one down (CountZero) :)

Once ground attackers left Bari moved back towards Potenza, no contacts. Spotted SUP do217's and Fw200's at long distance and tried to provided cover until bingo fuel. Then on the way to RTB an enemy transport plane was spotted and shot down. RTB'd at wrong airbase because of fuel situation. Our apologies to HQ.

Enemy aircraft destroyed: 3

Friendly aircraft loses: 0

16-11-2015, 11:56

3x FW190A5

Mission: Cover over Bari/Potenza

At first we flight to Bari and had some dogfight with low flying enemies.
After we become info that fighters over Potenza, we heading fast to Potenza
and there another dogfight with low flying Spits.

Enemy aircraft destroyed:

5x Spitfire MKIV
1x P39N-1
1x Hurricane MKIIc Bomber

Friendly aircraft loses: 0

16-11-2015, 12:25
VARP, Bobby, Kanttori
2xJu88C6, 4x109G6

Task: Anti tank at Bari.

Fighters had airstart from Foggia while Ju88 airstart over Forsinone. Hunter lead the flight and we headed directlty to Foggia to meet with fighters who waited for us over there.
Kanttori asked if he can join Potenza guys and we said he can after he deliver bomb over Bari. He headed directly to Bari and later joined Potenza guys.
After we joined the fighters we proceded south. Kaso crashed into the sea after he went below the clouds and lost feeling about horizont in the hazy weather.
We were 1 minute to target when RC said to abort. We turned west and circle over Palazzo AF. From time to time gunners started tracking something over us but we were not attacked by anyone. After we spent some time circling we decided to attack crossroads south of Palazzo. Just a few seconds before we open fire, we got the info thet Bari is clear. Turned towards Bari. Some planes showed up on our 3 oclock and gunners started tracking. We hit the deck into the fog. After few minutes we lost track where are we. Turned out we are 10km SE of Bari. Attacked at once but it was not easy in the fog. I got direct hit by infantry in my right engine and it flame out. I tried to hit enemy mortars and then my left engine was hit by enemy .50 cal. Engine started to smoke and i decided to abort and land at Bari AF. Guys were continue to strafe the area and RTB some 10 min after JG77 left the area.

Destroyed: 12 ground targets
Lost: 1 BF109.

P.S. This is my plane in the picture, but for some reason it looks like right engine is spining even it was shut in reality.

16-11-2015, 12:40
Taranto Bombing - 2xFW-200 - ITA_Dax & SUP_Astore - Airstart over Albenga, we took a path which passed above Trasimeno lake, east of L'Aquila, Foggia and then we began the bomb run toward Taranto harbor. - Quiet flight till around Foggia where we had two contacts which seemed to have an aggressive behaviour so we dived from 4k to about 2.5k to search for cloud cover while our escort tried to engage but the two bandits disappeared, so we regained some altitude and began our attack. - Taranto harbor was partially covered by thick clouds so the aiming was troublesome and we were forced to drop our bombs estimating the target position (or as we say in Italy "a naso" - by nose/sniffing); we were lucky and unlucky at the same time but in opposite way the one in respect of the other, I mean that Dax did not hit the target but succeeded to RTB while I hit the target but soon after a flak shell torn off my right wing and I crashed not so far from where my bombs exploded.- Result -> One dock destroyed and 1 Fw200 lost (BTW statistics reported 2 Fw200 lost but it's not true as Dax landed safely even if not at Salerno). - - - - - - - Why when I write the post I make it formatted in a certain way and once submitted any format disappeared ? - - - - - -

16-11-2015, 13:33
- - - - - - - Why when I write the post I make it formatted in a certain way and once submitted any format disappeared ? - - - - - -

I have had the same problem, but, only when using internet explorer. Posts work as I format them in all other internet browsers.

One more reason to hate internet explorer ;)

16-11-2015, 14:22

I personally didn't attend this mission (had a rough LAN-party weekend with friends :)).

LeR 3 mishaps:
- LLv32_Raaka's game froze on airstart.
- LLv34_Icedi's dog decided to pull the computer power cord off of the wall in mid flight :D

I will post proper debrief when I poke it out of the guys who flew.

16-11-2015, 16:06
Thanks for positing the debrief RC!!

I hope high command likes to see all planes RTB from JG77. :pilot_mrgreen:

17-11-2015, 14:27
Btw you all saw Longnez connecting last Sunday. Many of you might know him from several Dogfight-Servers (AoE, Spitsvs109...). He is quite a decent pilot. He flies blue only, mainly 109s, typical dogfighter, very aggressive. But also quite successfull.

He would definitely be and enrichment for our side. So, did anyone of you already contacted him after the last mission? I did just now via Hyperlobby. He is not very good at english though, especially speaking english. In case he registers at the forum it would be nice if some of the french guys could help him out and explain the main stuff to him. Trust me we should really try to have this guy in our team in a 109.



17-11-2015, 14:43
Yes Leo, I contacted him and appologize for not polite welcome where everyone were yelling on him because of the slots. It was clear that he don't know about B_/R_.
I sent him a link to join Axis to be able to enter Axis subforum.

He responded to PM and like i thougt this was the first SEOW mission ever to him even he is 14 years with this game.
Anyway, i know him by this nickname for a long time in online servers.
Maybe he could join Otsu as a fighter pair.

17-11-2015, 14:49
Nice to hear. :good:
Let's hope he will be ready for next mission then.

17-11-2015, 22:54

LeR 3 debrief as promised:

Potenza Bombers Squadron Leader debrief:

Our plan was to get airborne as soon as possible from our three designated takeoff fields and form up over Napoli.
Bf-109 fligt was to rendezvous with Ju88:s NW of Napoli and escort them rest of the assignment. Re.2002 fligt was to head directly to Napoli and join rest of the squadron.
Whole squadron, Bf-109 flight as top cover and Re.2002:s as close escort for Ju88:s was to head BD22 and strike potenza from there. Attack was planned to start with Bf-109 striking hard targets first, followed by Ju88 dive bomb run and Re.2002 low level attack. Attack was to be continued until all bombs would have been used, after which Ju88 were to be escorted back to base.

On the startup line one Re.2002 was lost due to malfunction Otherwise mission started as planned, but due to cloud cover Ju88:s stayed below clouds for better ground view and easier navigation. Bf-109 tried to rendezvous with the Ju88:s but missed them. Re.2002 flight and Ju88:2 met over Napoli as planned, but Bf-109:s flew too far lookin Ju88:s. It was decided to head to BD22 and wait for Bf-109:s there. While loitering in BD22 Potenza CAP flight reported enemies engaged, and decision was made to wait until Potenza area was cleared of enemy. While loitering, vile enemy saboteur struck and Squadron leader in Re.2002 was lost due massive electical failure. Squadron leader gone and Potenza cleared of enemy contacts, rest of the squadron headed to potenza and started the ground assault. AAA fire was heavier than expected and 2 Ju88:s were lost, most of the others got some degree of battle damage. Heavy AAA artillery was particularly hard to spot. At the late stage of assault enemy Bostons were spotted, and Bf-109 squadron disposed them easily. After the assault squadron returned to nearest base on bingo fuel.

The saboteur was later identified as Jasiri The Dog, Jasiri reserved Bronze star from Allied High Command.


The Bronze Star was awarded for valour in combat behind enemy lines (under the table), where Jasiri The Dog heroically conducted sabotage operation, causing massive electrical failure, which lead to destruction of Re.2002 fighter and demise of axis bomber squadron leader.

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18-11-2015, 02:20
Taranto factory bombing--->4*Dornier Do 217 K-1 (Bomber) *2SC1000After the airstart from Piemonte region, we flew along Adriatic side till Bari, where we were engaged by a lonely fighter, that heavily damaged Sup_Hunter. Me, Mannaia and Febaba drove till the target, but unfortunatly the clouds cover them. So we drop at sight from 4k, but we all 3 missed the targets. The flak was heavy over Taranto and Potenza, so me and Febaba, heavily damaged, tryed to land. Febaba died in crash Landing. I was lucky this time, I saved my life bailing after crash Landing. Mannaia landed almost safe and sound.