• SEOW Kursk - General info

    Game server:

    TS =VARP=:
    server: gec.servebeer.com:7777
    password: ask on forum

    Backup TS 102nd-YU:
    password:ask on forum

    Mission start time:

    20:30 Zulu / 21:30 CET

    Expected start of the campaign:
    October 19. 2014.


    - HSFX v7.0.3

    • In JGSME:
      • Expert MOD
      • HSFX History Mod
      • Battle of Kursk mapa

    Any other MOD-s are optional but strongly discouraged cause it could lead to low FPS and LAG


    • Server doors WILL be closed at 20:30 Zulu. Make sure everyone joins the server at least 10 minutes before the start.
    • Mission Planer will be closed for planning on Sundays 17:00 Zulu so make sure you finish all your planing before that. It will be open again on Mondays 9:00 Zulu latest.

    Tips for new and some old SEOW players i've gathered from other threads:

    • in game .trk RECORDING ist VERBOTEN!!! If you do so, you will be SHOT!!! ......game it self will kick you out....... but you can do it with FRAPS or any other like that....
    • in game SCREENSHOTS are not prohibited but strongly discouraged, cause too frekvent use could lead to LAG. If you have to use it, do not press Print Screen more than once in two second. Use of FRAPS for same purpose is OK.
    • When you hit Fly do not scroll down the pilots list because there is a great possibility that pilots list will pop up in the middle of the screen during the flight and it is not possible to close it.
    • After spawning in the game, for the first 5 minutes don't call up the minimap, after that time is ok.
    • Every player who has landed or crash landed, do not press bail out but just disconnect. That is normal way to leave the game after both, land and crash land.
    • If you get killed for any reason you have 5-10min to leave the game. If you landed safe,you can stay in the cockpit, no problem, but in that case you risk to loose your "life" if base get under enemy attack, or other player crash in to you.
    • You don't have to taxi back to parking, but you can if you like, no problem.
    • All planes need to land before mission end and it needs to be landed on the airfield designated by the Brief. If the plane does not land as planed, the plane is unavailable for one more mission. If there is a plane in the air at the mission end, it will be considered crashed and the Pilot KIA.
    • If plane is heavily damaged, break and land on nearest base under our command. It is always better to have plane under penalty then destroyed one.
    • If u are all ready on the runway ready for takeoff and u see that something is wrong and u'll not be able to fly the mission, (let say trackir stopped working) u need to try to take of and land your plane back. if one spawns and disconnects with out taking off, the plane is lost and the pilot is KIA.

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    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      Rulez document:

      Additional docs: Attachment 3892

      Map MOD+Technics:Attachment 4211

      Object specification table:Attachment 4213

      ***ADD ON rules:

      - At least 30% of planned flights needs to be dedicated bomber/ground attacker type of planes. Fighters with bombs or rockets are not included. This applies for both sides.
      - No ground strafe allowed for A20G. Penalty 2x destroyed units returned. Plane can defend it self in the air.

      - I can see that there is a need for repairs of columns on both sides so this rules for repairs will be modified. All column types could be repaired in repair workshops. Price of repairs for any of them will be the same like it is for one tank. That means 2000 L for any German tank/column, and 3000L for any Russian tank/column. All of them will be available in no time except when repairing another repair column which will then have 1 mission delay. The rule which say that repair column can not repair itself is still valid because if it is withdrawn by itself,there would be no target to destroy on the ground.

      None of the units can come closer than 400m to factory plate on their trip or be planned to stop closer than 400m from factory plate. From now on breaking this rule will result in removing the unit from the map and adding unit of the same type to opposite side nearest supply depot.

      - Blue side asked for better FW190 versions and limitation of La5FN initial number - Approved
      - Red side asked for remove of radar from north because of historical aspect. It's been put to south. -Approved


      - Fixed wrong version of PzIIIG. Switched to PzIIIJ
      - Fixed armor for T34 from '41 to '42
      - Fixed speed for Panther in technics.ini to be 24km/h like in OoB
      - Removed photos capacity from all bombers
      - StugIIIG were counted in total armor number for Blue, but were missing in rules book! Correct sentence is:
      For Germany StugIIIG, PzIIIJ, PzIVF2, Panther, Tiger, Ferdinand (in total 357 tanks)


      - Do217 and A20G are used for long ranges recon only.
      - Added Yak9D 12 planes to red side supply.
      - Howitzers on both sides will not become truck while driving. While on the move, they will become M7Priest, ISU152 and Hummel which can drive and shoot, but range will be lower than static deployed howitzers. Armor on all of them has been set so any plane can destroy them. Main idea is moving gun, not heavy armored gunship.
      - Because ATG is way too effective and Reds don't have anything similar, SU 76 SPG gets the same gun used on ATG88 but will move slower and will have slightly shorter attack range. Armor on SU76 has been made slim, but is still a bit better than on Sdkfz6_37 which Blue use for moving ATG88. Anyhow both units can be destroyed from any plane with guns.
      - Ba10 received the same settings like PzIIf recon tank to be little more effective against infantry.
      - Small tweaks on flak guns.
      - FW190 received their bombs back

    1. II/JG77_RC's Avatar
      II/JG77_RC -
      This is some very exciting stuff here guys !

      Very Cool Poster, and killer custom MAP.

      I cant wait to fly another one of your Campaigns ! VARP puts on the Best SEOW's in IL2 !

    1. LLv34_Untamo's Avatar
      LLv34_Untamo -

      The finns are most interested! I think the pilots are getting back from their summer activities and are ready for some SEOW ... I guesstimate we will have something like 6-10 pilots per mission available. We prefer axis, but if need be, there can be compromises
    1. I/JG7_Killerfliege's Avatar
      I/JG7_Killerfliege -
      I/JG7 is reporting for duty. We would like to fly on Blue side with 4-7 pilots.

      I am really looking forward to fly with you again!
    1. [DBS]T}{OR's Avatar
      [DBS]T}{OR -
      DBS reporting for duty. We currently have 9 active pilots, out of which probably 6-7 can attend on a regular basis. The list of active pilots can be seen here:


      Place us where you need us. Any side is fine.
    1. [DBS]T}{OR's Avatar
      [DBS]T}{OR -
      I see we have been placed on the RED side. Which is fine and in line of what we want.

      Guys are asking about the plane set. Any info you can share?
    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      Quote Originally Posted by [DBS]T}{OR View Post
      I see we have been placed on the RED side. Which is fine and in line of what we want.

      Guys are asking about the plane set. Any info you can share?

      MP is still in mode without units and open for both sides who can login with admin/password.Then go on Cost page inside MP and you'll see OoB. It will be fine tuned soon so don't look at the ground speed and ranges at this moment....but for planes, 99% will stay as you can see it. Also,small factory plates areas will be used and almost all fuel will be produced in fuel industrial areas not imported from off map. So,plenty of targets for bomber guys like you.
      You have been placed on red side just to make some balance with blue squads.VARP will most likely fly RED also because other squads have better interest in BLUE. It is not official order yet because i still waitning SUP,310,311 and JG26 to report in with numbers. For those of you who have contact with Letka please inform them to join. I'll send mail to JaVA guys and few others tonight. I am hoping to get someone from 102nd on RED side,but first i want to populate the pool with squads/individuals from last campaign like i promissed.
    1. 7/SchG2_BuRNeR's Avatar
      7/SchG2_BuRNeR -
      Hello Kameraden,

      I want to register the 7./Schlachtgeschwader 2 with 4 - 6 pilots for the blue side.

      with best regards

      7./Sch.G.2 BuRNeR

      edit: maybe we have some additional pilots available if needed
    1. II/JG77_RC's Avatar
      II/JG77_RC -
      JG77 will be 6 to 8 pilots per mission.

      Check the spread sheet.

      JG7 has been entered as a second JG77, we keep telling them they should join our group, but, they insist on keeping only 1 "I" and only 1 "7". Poor guys.

    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      Quote Originally Posted by II/JG77_RC View Post

      JG7 has been entered as a second JG77, we keep telling them they should join our group, but, they insist on keeping only 1 "I" and only 1 "7". Poor guys.

      What to say,I've tried to recruit them for you Thanks,corrected
    1. I/JG7_Killerfliege's Avatar
      I/JG7_Killerfliege -
      Haha RC won't give up :*
    1. 7/SchG2_SirAthlon's Avatar
      7/SchG2_SirAthlon -
      Thank you for the invitation.

      two questions
      1 what is the name of the Battle of Kursk in il2 Editor (HSFX 7.02)

      2 there will be a special mod?
    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      Welcome aboard all!
      For those of you who have not yet downloaded the map,here it is.
      Map is not yet in Hsfx and is lunched from Jgsme. Just extract as is in your Jgsme,add Battle of Kursk Map after expert and that is it.You'll find it on the top of FMB.
      Until next monday I think,technics for the campaign will be finished so everyone can see what is changed.Attachment 3875
    1. 7/SchG2_BuRNeR's Avatar
      7/SchG2_BuRNeR -
      Thanks Thor,
      but we had some problems to get the map in the editor.
      SirAthlon fixed the problem for us.
      I will tell the solution for other if they have the same problem:
      First go to the IL-2_HSFX folder, then to jsgmemods folder. There you have to create the a new folder with the name "Battle of Kursk Map". In this folder you make another folder with the name "files" (all foldernames without "").
      Here you can extract the maps folder of the zip (the path of the zip is:Battle of Kursk Map.rar\Battle of Kursk Map\MODS\MAPMODS\).
      Then just enable the Battle of Kursk Map in the JSGME tool behind expert mod like Thor told us before and it works now.
      Here is the path of my hsfx with the map for example: H:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 - HSFX\jsgmemods\Battle of Kursk Map\files\maps

      Thor, I have a question to you. Are we allowed to post your picture of the campaingn and the map at our homepage ?
      We want to make a public news of it. But if not we will make an internal news.
    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      Yep,that was the problem for my initial posting of the map ten days ago because i forgot to rar all folders.This one here have that up level directory. Sure,why not,post it.It is free for everyone who want it.
    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      I would say that we have more blue that german had in real battle
    1. [DBS]Hycel's Avatar
      [DBS]Hycel -
      Any templates of map available for us to download?
    1. =VARP=Thor's Avatar
      =VARP=Thor -
      You have map available for download,but template will not be published.Neither side will see enemy positions except what they gain with their recons in the campaign.Sorry
      I hope that I'll have enough time to finish all works and open MP for planning at Monday night.
    1. [DBS]El_Marta's Avatar
      [DBS]El_Marta -
      Thank you for putting this up.