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    Hi all,

    From the first moment i saw this map made by CountZero (big thanks), I knew that I'll try to make campaign on it. I don't know why, I guess I like the sea. Map is made in ratio 1:2 and is just perfect for different stuff that happened in this region in the past.
    So, let's see what we have here on the menu for late September or early October of 2015. Of course, if there will be enough interest for it to be played.

    I had in mind Semi-Historical campaign. Why Semi? Well, I skipped over operation Baytown (3.9.1943) and Slapstick (9.9.1943.) which happened at the same time as Avalanche and after Italy has already capitulated day before.
    In this campaign I left Avalanche which must yet to be done. There will also be some goals which Allied will need to meet if they want Italians to surrender. Campaign will include Air/Sea/Land operations for both sides with every demand and nightmare that it brings with it. About details, they will be posted below the picture as I finish them piece by piece.

    Some of tasks for Allies:
    a)Landing at wide Salerno area
    b)Capturing 2 cities to activate Italy surrender
    c)Destroying bridges between Gothic and Gustav line to slow down German reinforcements
    d)Bringing supply from Africa and Sicily to Italian main land

    Some of tasks for Germans:
    a)Destruction of Allied shipping
    b)Attack on bridges south of Gustav line (enemy territory) to slow down Allies
    c)Evacuation of German forces from Sardegna and Corsica
    d)Bringing war material south to secure Gustav line or further to south

    Victory conditions will be made by difference in victory points which could be collected trough various attacking actions like CPs, docks, bridges, ships, factories, collecting bonuses etc..

    This is still work in progress so please have patient and stay tuned....

    In the meanwhile, take a look at History page



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