~S~ we are organizing a competition look to sight


if you want to register for it or have questions, use email......paceduke@hotmail.com


please forward to your squad and sign up !! we have 12 slots to fill. ty

Welcome to the Total War League

Our aim is to provide friendly competition as easily as possible. We offer a full list of planes with all multi-engine planes in an air spawn, and we have very few requirements. War has no rules. Therefore to fight as realistically as possible, we don’t want them. Rules are a matter of interpretation. In war, pilots rammed enemy planes and strafed aircraft on the ground.


Maps are made in Zuti 1.13. Use your USL add-ons in your JSGME. All the latest features are in use.

- AI targets, planes, trains, ships and columns
- 8 players per side
- Three main targets each side, averaging 500 points.....see brief for location.
- Perfect static cameras on each target
- Close bases. Only one minute to enemy lines and 2 minutes to enemy base.
- Large selection of planes, fly what you normally fly.
- Points are normal, just like you fly with daily
- All we ask is to minimize the chat and keep it civil. Your score will do the talking.
- Modified skins are allowed

As the server counts down, take a screen shot of the score and send it in. We will use the highest scores sent in by either party. There will be a ten minute intermission. All players must leave and rejoin to reset the score to zero. *Non compliance will result in that pilots score cancelled out completely for the entire match.* You can rotate players during the intermission. So be prompt and punctual. Wait in the lobby for the server to open, get in, get in the air, and start fighting. If others get airborne before you, well, that can happen in a war also.

Matches will be held every two weeks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 EST and 7:30 EST. We will set the schedule, rotate the days, and run the server. If you lose connection, reenter. If possible, have teammate print screen your score so you don’t loose it. If it is lost, you lose the points.

We will send both squads a password for thier match. The password will change for every individual match. Total War will run the map for 2 weeks prior to the match, so, check your connection. The IP will be sent out also with the passwords. Maps, schedules, and standings will be available on the sight. That’s it ! We handle it all for you, your only effort is to send in the score.

We will have six matches, over three months with a playoff. First vs. third, and second vs. fourth place, with winners fighting for the championship. We will honor the champions with a star insignia which will change colors every competition. The champions should put the star on their planes to identify them as champions of the league.

All you need to do is email me at...... paceduke@hotmail.com . We will verify your entry via e-mail and on the sight. This e-mail will be used to send passwords and IP. No need for each individual pilot. All we need is the squad name.

Let’s have a fun time, meet the people from other squads, and have a wonderful competition, without any hassles at all !

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