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    Default IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns i kako ih instalirati

    1. Download the campaign to your computer.
    2. Unzip the contents of the download into a new folder within your main IL2DCG installation. (To do this, either create a new folder or make sure your unzip software creates a folder when decompressing the files).
    3. If the contents of the download included a folder called DGEN, copy these files over to your game's DGEN folder. Note: be very careful about overwriting files in your DGEN folder as they may prohibit your from starting other DCG or DGEN campaigns. In fact, you may want to make a backup of this folder before adding 3rd Party Campaign files. There may be other files that need to be copied at this time. Consult the readme that accompanies the download for more information.
    4. Run IL2DCG.
    5. Under [COLOR=#ffd700]Files[/COLOR] select [COLOR=#ffd700]Optional 3rd Party Data Folder[/COLOR]. Browse to the campaign you wish to start and select the allcampaigns.dcg file to activate it.
    6. If you wish to run a Career (DGen Replace Mode) campaign or On-line Campaign (NGen Replace Mode), check these now. If they are checked already, uncheck them and recheck them.

    At this point, you should be able to run the 3rd Party Campaign just like any "stock" campaign. Please refer to the article on Modes for more information on running DCG in various methods of running DCG campaigns.

    link sa nekim kampanjama za skinuti...

    Battle of Britain 1940 V1.2

    (After install 410_COREA_PLANES v 1.06 campaign you can run this campaign in DCG 3.45 you can run like IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns in Replace Career Generator DGN Mode, Auto-Generation Mode.You can run in online too.(replace NGen). You have 5 subcampaign. In KTO5 you will be flight all new jets.)

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    Default Re: IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns i kako ih instalirati

    koristio sam taj generator jako davno (malo poslije kako je izašao) jer mi je single player kampanja bila dosadna,a za online napucavanje mi je trebao net koji je tad još bio dial up i relativno skup....u svakom sl. super programčić

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