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    Default Dora !

    Lange Nase Dora for HSFX.......thx Gerd



    -D14 of New Slot was added.
    When FMD of D14 is added, it automatically uses it.
    FMD of D15 is used when there is no FMD of D14.
    -3D model of the cockpit was corrected.
    -Animation of canopy crank was corrected.
    -Landing gear cover was corrected.

    Requirements... You need HSFX for DB603-Dora's to work.
    put DB603-Dora's folder into MODs folder(Please make it if there is no MOD folder).
    And then make a back up copy of air.ini and add following lines.

    case HSFX:

    Fw-190D-14 air.FW_190D14 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER
    Fw-190D-15 air.FW_190D15 2 NOINFO g01 SUMMER

    Delete these lines.
    And then delete DB603-Dora's(or Fw190-D15's) folder in MOD folder.

    Default 2Dtexture :Boelcke
    Special 2Dtexture :Tromplamort
    New 3Dmodel :Gerd
    FM/EM :Gerd
    JAVA :Gerd
    special thanks
    Special Adviser of FM:BaronFel181
    Historical investigation of cockpit:SAS~Sani,C6_Claymore
    Mediation with skiner:crazyflak
    Oleg Maddox/1C : original
    TAK: Exporting tools
    SQD442: skin template base

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