Hi everyone, here we go again then, starting the cycle of working through effects in a bid to get as many frames-per-second as we can while keeping them looking realistic.

In this video you'll see (all are still Work in Progress!!) the new explosion effects, enhanced fire and smoke realism, AA barrel flash, and a few other bits and pieces.

Finally in the video there is other work shown to see if Cloud environments can be enhanced to make flying in overcast possible but using some clever scripting.....but again it's still early days and this could take a considerable amount of time....but early progress is interesting

In other news work continues on the new map. Textures are being created and they are huge plates for the map but look amazing. Once these are added the buildings and environmental features will be added to enhance it and make it look like the area it depicts. Currently the detail that is going into it (research on original maps, images (aerial and ground)) is very intense but this is what will make it worth the effort

Finally, we are looking at the Bugtracker much more regularly and where we can fix issues we will and if we can't we'll certainly hold them in reserve for if/when we can dig out the code/issue and resolve it. So please enter your bug finding reports on the official Bugtracker which is shown below.

As before, depending on whether we can release news/features, the next update may not be for maybe 2-4 weeks, but we'll certainly keep the updates coming when we can.

Okay, so first the video, then the bugtracker:

Video is here:

Bugtracker information:

From the Team Fusion Bugtracker

The bugtracker (http://tfbt.nuvturais.de/projects/il2clodtf) keeps accumulating data: Since the last published update on May 30th, 12 new users brought the total up to 727 registered users of which 39(+15) have been active since then. We currently have 100(+16) issues (74(+11) bugs and 26(+5) feature requests) of which 2 have already been resolved with patch 4.312 and 8(+3) are currently in progress to be fixed or implemented.

20 new issues have been raised since the last update, among them are (no judgment implied):

  • Reported bug #586: "Trees lack collision detection" (In Progress)
  • Feature request #582: "Shooting range"
  • Reported bug #559: "Map: Weird Elevation Near Dieppe"

The issues with the highest (summary) vote currently are:

  • 7: #513: "Damage model: Hit decals missing"
  • 6: #581: "RAF fighter engines incorrectly start cold in Multiplayer"
  • 5: #501: "Spitfire: brakes not stopping the aircraft"

We invite all pilots to participate in the bugtracker either by reporting bugs, requesting features, and/or vote on issues. But before you do anything, please read the guidelines and FAQ here: http://tfbt.nuvturais.de/projects/il2clodtf/boards/4

Cheers, MP/TF