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    ~S~ all

    Few words about the weather. You guys who have force feedback joysticks, tell me what is the maximum wind, gust and turbulence above which you can no longer play normally with your equipment?
    My plan was to set max wind to 4m/s, gust low and turbulence low and leave the automatic generator to do the rest.
    What is your opinion about this? Is this too much?

    Settings below is without any weather except clouds.

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    I have MSFF2 joystick. Wind is okay for me (setting it to 4m/s maximum is a good choice, I think even level bomber guys can cope with that but better if some of them says their opinion also), but the effect of the buffeting and vibrating of the airplane (not sure if the effect of trubulence or gust does that) which we encountered on Kursk campaign is a nightmare. If I may insist, I would ommit whichever effect causes those violent vibrations up to 300m above surface completely, because such behaviour that is presented in IL2 game in such a scale is nowhere near the real turbulence or wind gust effect.


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