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    Default Debriefing Mission 03

    Report mission 03

    Good news, Bari still hold !

    Allied launch a massive offensive to Potenza !

    Mechanised army fight their way through our units helped by air support (and drop of para as it seems), unexpectedly reaching Potenza. We don't send much cover as we didn't want to spread too much but some of our fighters manage to do a bit of disturbance. Thanks to our ground forces, Potenza hold, by very few as it seems !

    Many of our units were destroyed but they fought well and enemy suffered severe damage. Potenza is in fight but is well reinforced and we hold many troops around. Any good counter-attack should secure the CP from falling.

    They finally attack our ships and harbor. They do some heavy damage to Napoli harbor but not that hard compared to its overall capacity. They sunk one of our transport and damaged another one, but at a high cost as they lost many planes in this operation.

    Due to their focus on Potenza, Bari has not faced directly ground attack. Still they send many tanks nearby to shell our positions.

    As the last missions, allied planes rushed Bari and strike quite unpunished as we are too far away. This is really what make Bari more and more on the verge to brake despite our good fighters job.

    It is to hope that they will lack of planes on their first line airfield at Taranto.

    However our fighters repelled enemy airplanes over Bari, giving us air supremacy. Yet some bombers were shot down by determined fighters but this has not stopped our action. We succeed destroying many troops on and around Bari despite the no-training of most of bomber pilot for such an exercice.
    As a result British have lost here enough for us to still hope for a fight the next mission. Most of their artillery was destroyed, making our little suriving troops breathing. All the anti-aircraft gun were destroyed, making life easier for next jabos. Comparing to what we had to counter tanks, a good amount of them were destroyed.

    Slowly but surely allied are exhausting their eastern forces on a bloodly fight, on what was our very weakest point !
    Good job !

    Recon plane do some successfull photos on south front, despite a dangerous lone flight.

    It look like allied used most of their platoon tanks on Bari and Potenza offensives. Many were destroyed so their master cards were played here. Until any reinforcement on this 2 points, we should not expect big deep movement.

    Red planes destroyed : 41
    Blue planes destroyed : 22
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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03

    4 x Ju88A4


    Wait on runway for 102nd squad to join Pescara area.
    Korva couldn't move his plane for unkown reason.

    We go to Foggia joining Stukas then go Bari, crossing some ita planes going home.

    We mainly focus on tank on Bari as there were so much. They are hard to destroy but we had some success. Winds make it harder and some may look fine but seems already destroyed. We may have spend some bomb on some already destroyed ones.

    We were not so much disturb by enemy planes still gunners were moving time to time all time along. Finally one Spit attack Stuka then me, destroying my roll commands. A P38 help him shooting me but i manage to stay in air as friendy fighter finally join and clear me. I destroyed one more infantry before running out of ammo.

    When landing on Bari airfield, another Spit dive on me destroying my rudder command. I just put quickly the plane on ground as it was uncontrolable anymore. I barely miss a AAA and a hangar by a few but stopped the plane ok.

    Korva has to bail out as he lost is elevator.
    Otsu land at Foggia.
    Stream land also.
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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03

    4x G55


    Fleet defence CAP
    Maybe 10 to 15 minutes after we arrived to our fleet 4x high flying p-38s(AIs) came to area, but we shot them down quite easily. Right after we finished them we spotted 6 to 8 B-25s and atleast 3 spitfires at low altitude heading for the ships and we shot down all of them with help from the fleet AAA. After we were back in high altitude we spotted 2 B-17s flying NW along the coast and Kemp and Beavis engaged them. Kemp got damaged and had to bail out and Beavis was out of ammo so he headed back to base. Me and Virtue decided to stay over ships in case of second strike group and stayed there until about 20 mins left on the mission and headed back to Rome and landed safely.

    We lost one ship to enemy action and 2 ships collided later on and were sunk. One enemy submarine (at least it looked like a sub from high alt) tried to approach our fleet but battleships destroyed it from long distance.
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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03


    Para transport

    1 sea Ju52 from Olbia (Sardinia) to Rome - Pescara - Bari area

    After successful para-drop in Bari area I normal landed in Varano Seabase.....

    why i am killed in action and my plane is lost ?!

    I want back my brand new, fresh painted, without any scratch, Tante Jutte Ju-52 seaplane !

    Bobby over and out !
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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03


    @Thor, notes to admin:
    1) LLv26_Ozy made a successful crash landing on Foggia airfield, but is marked KIA in stats.
    2) Plane kills don't show in "Individual Pilot Kill Credits (by Pilot)", is this normal? I think they have shown in earlier campaigns. (me and Robbe got one kill each)
    3) After given the order to man turrets, I forgot to tell my guys to enter the "DCS GUNNER" command if taking a gunner. LLv32_vvaris was LLv24_Robbe's gunner in this mission.
    4) B_Jaffa suffered a disconnection while still on airfield (not sure if this is liable for getting the plane back, but reporting it anyways )

    LeR 3 Bari high CAP debrief:
    Lost one plane takeoff accident and one to disconnection.

    Took off from Foggia and Pescara and climbed towards Bari. When reaching Bari, ran into 3 Spits which ran away a bit, then turned back to face us. Our guys were a bit too target fixated as they got one of us, and damaged another before we managed to drive them off. A bit later the P-38s came in at 9+km in force and we had to retreat a bit to the north.

    After regrouping we headed back over Bari, but the P-38s had left or gone lower, as JG77 reported some sporadic contacts with them at 4-5km. Our bombers arrived in the area, and we were called lower as JG77 was fighting enemies at low to medium altitudes. Later we went to the deck as our bombers were harrassed by enemies. I shot down P-38 and Aati drove one Spit away from the area.

    Running out of fuel, started to RTB. We were at 2 grous, heading home, and both groups came under attack, but were able to disengage towards home. Remaining fighters landed safely.

    I will post the GA detachment's report later.

    EDIT: The promised GA debrief:

    GA Bari 2 nd wave
    Robbe and tailgunner vvaris

    -Took off immediately against the brief.
    -Flew from Rome to Pescara at mid altitude.
    -Flew low altitude along coastline from Pescara to Bari to avoid radar.
    -Fought ground units at very low altitude. Lots of Friendly bombers, no enemy presense at low altitude.
    -Bombs dropped and few strafing runs, don't recal what we destroyed, at least 2 targets?
    -Flight turned home, robbe and tailgunner vvaris decided to check secondary target at BI24 along a way home.
    -Due to slight navigation error ended up to Matera airfield. Robbe spotted a plane on the runway, decided to investigate. Robbe flew past the plane and vvaris identified it to be a mustang in parking lot of the airfield, motor still running, vvaris fired few shots from tailposition, no major hits. Robbe turned around for a strafing run, the plane completely exploded.
    -Continued our journey to secondary target
    -Suddenly we were under AA fire. Spotted a colum of consisting of tank, AA gun and tracked soft targets heading west. Strafed one soft target, decided not to strafe more since AA was a threat.
    -As we were preparing to head home noticed that the AA gun had stayed behind of the colum and that the colum had climbed over a hill. The hill provided cover from the AA gun so started strafing more soft targets of the colum.
    -Strafed few more soft targets from colum in small airspace behind the hill that was providing us the cover before accidentally scraping the ground.
    -Hit the gound in shallow angle, plane skidded and rolled numerous times on the ground before finally exploding.
    -Sherman tank, light tracked vehicle and AA gun continued to head west.
    Korva in his Ju88:
    I was one of four Ju88 on Pecara field. We wait about 15-20 min until take off.
    I have conflict about feather-unfeather and TeamSpeak so i cannot take up with others.
    ( Practise we use Mumble communication and theres no conflict )

    After some time i clerified my plane up and take straight line to Bari over mountains at low level.
    I try to ask on radio where my buddies are but then i manage that TS tanget was my feather broblem.
    I cannot hear where others are. At near Bari i send text message that im coming to Bari. I have use my
    fuel over 50% so i think i cannot make return to home base.
    I hear there are two spits over city and see some shooting and dots over that.
    I fly west of Bari low level trying to find enemy tanks but cannot see any.
    I thought that Bari is under enemys and turned back to Bari airfield where i see some column of vehicle near airfield.
    So i take pass of them twice dropping my four bombs on them but cannot hit because long fuse (those i friendly i guess after).
    After that i take direction on north low level and soon i notice two dots after me low level too.
    First was Me109 so i continue north but after 15 seconds that i got hit my elevator and fueltank. My back shooters did'n shoot any.
    No more shooting on me so i try to fly north far as possible. I got permission to land on Foggia but without elevator i cannot so i fly to
    Termoil city where fuel was very low and i bailed.
    After all i have no idea about our cons over Bari and only few enemy planes so i exiting fly alone there and make quick decision.
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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03

    This is very strange. Also youre paradrop units are missing even plane was loaded and we saw together last night that you did wing tip smoke. Will check tonight.

    Will check what happened to Ozzy
    For stats, 4Shades changed stats pages and this is error. I know about this, but did not vave time to fix this. It is on TO DO list
    No need for DSC gunner command.
    Ao Jaffas bail problem came back again? Or it was just connection problem?

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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03

    Quote Originally Posted by =VARP=Thor View Post
    Ao Jaffas bail problem came back again? Or it was just connection problem?
    Plain disconnect, he also dropped out of TS3.

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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03


    Mission: Air Superiority above Bari CP

    Planes: 4 x FW190A5, 4 x FW190A4, 1 x Ju88C6, (2 x G55 Fleet CAP west of Napoli)

    Just before A5 flight reached Bari we spotted friendly ground fire shooting up at Potenza, so we decided to check it since our A4 flight was not due over Bari for another 10 mins and we thought there must be 1 or 2 enemy ground attackers we could kill quickly. It turned out there were some spitfires down low strafing a few targets, we engaged quickly shooting down 2 Spits but quickly realized that we may be getting Trapped by the enemy since there were 5 more enemy Spitfires coming into the area. I called for my flight to disengage before it was to late, sadly we lost 1 FW due to mid air collision with a Spitfire down low.

    After barely escaping we flew back to Bari to join our A4 flight who were already engaged over Bari CP with enemy P-38's and Spits. Soon after the A5 flight arrived we managed to clear the sky. Things calmed down for a minute or so then a 38 jumped us and shot down an FW. We all stayed in the area fighting non stop until the end of the mission, doing our best to cover our ground attackers who were down low until we were all Winchester or bingo fuel.

    Unfortunately in all the Chaos, My self, and Jack both lost track of our flights fuel situations due to the non stop action above Bari all mission. All FW's did not land at the proper base, so there will be a delay on those air-frames. Our apologies.

    We greatly appreciated and would like to thank command for giving us all FW190's this mission. It allowed us to be at our best in the very tough situation we were faced with.

    Our 2 reserve pilots who flew the G55's with 334 did excellent work their debrief is with 334's.

    The Ju88C6 was lost in action to an enemy Spitfire before he could do any damage.

    ~S~ !

    Enemy aircraft destroyed: 13 (9 from Bari/Potenza) (4 from Fleet Cap near Napoli)

    Enemy AAA Destroyed: 1

    Friendly aircraft loses: 4 (2 fighter from Bari, 1 JU-88 ) (1 from Fleet CAP Napoli)
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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03

    Apologize to LLv32_Korva for friendly fire. I tought you was beaufighter. My bad! Sorry!

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    Default Re: Debriefing Mission 03

    I should have mistaken between Korva and Stream in my briefing. Corrected.

    Mission report on first post.

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