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    Default Mission #14 debrief

    We had smaller number this time because of Easter so I was alone in my flight. I keep left of the main fighter group. End up alone over ~10 of them over Bastia. I kept my alt and make them nervous but i did not engage. Asked Kapsu for support and he came after ~10 minutes. After some time enemy fighters dispwrsed. As long i was playing on safe it was ok, but than i saw someone in trouble around 5k. Went to help and than start to fight with one FW. Cat and mouse lasted for some time, had few chances which i didn't took and than finally i end up alone with 2 FW190 on the deck. In one headon I colided with one of them and crashed.

    Our goals for this missins were fullfiled completely. The last control point has been captured.
    Mayority of bombers successfuly reached their targets, hit them and RTB safely.

    This is it boys. We came to the end. I'll make the campaign overview soon.

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    Default Re: Mission #14 debrief


    LeR3 debrief:
    Took off from Frosinone and took 9km alt. Went to meet the incoming enemy just like in two prior missions. Saw two enemy contacts coming in front of the main group, which engaged two friendlies. I ordered Ozy and Katze to attack. A bit later, closed to the main enemy goup and saw the first formation coming lower. We dove on them, clearly AI Fw190s driving in a line. Got one smoking, zoomed up and started to line up the next attack, when I was greeted by a hail of cannon fire from above (@27:25 in vid). Soon I had a dead engine, and bit later the whole plane went boom. Rest of the guys faired better and shot down quite a lot of enemies in the fight.

    After the fighting had died down, they regrouped a bit south (in VP26 area). Saw a large group of enemy contacts coming in from the west, and ordered my guys to intercept. They turned out to be high fighters and bombers coming in lower. Suddenly a bright blue light appeared from a bomber. I screamed "glide bomb!", and ordered the guys to immediately to attack the bomber, without care for the fighters. They managed to damage it, and apparently caused enough disturbance to the bombardier for him to miss the CV. Katze got hits from the bombers gunners, and had to bail. Ozy was shot down by the fighters.

    Aati and jequ remained after the fight. I guided them to some remaining enemy contacts in Frosinone area, and they manage to down atleast one enemy fighter. After that, they safely RTBd in Frosinone.


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    Default Re: Mission #14 debrief

    Great result for the good guy,lol! Pity I missed last mission but I was doing real stuff over the Easter break.
    Looking forward to Coral sea battle now.

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