Sturmmilan TF
Task: West front patrol, anti ship Genova bay, columns strafing south of Firenze.
TO from Parma. Bobby unfortunately has crashed on takeoff. Other members sucessfully went south. This include my second plane i flown with call sign Loki. Until i drop bombs on enemy ship sailing south toward Livorno, my MC205 flew just just straight more or less and climb. Unfortunately, about the time i attacked the ship my boys were under attack by big enemy group. We were scatered allover the place and mutual support was very low this time. We lost Dan, soon Hunter who lead the flight, than Kroat. I've sent JU88 on level stab west, while I link up with Ovy. We hit the dirt and went to kill those columns. Our entry point lead us to Siena field first. Strafe targets there and lose Ovy who was surprised by the ground In meanwhile i couldn't fly ju88 anymore because i was on 20m with MC205, so JU88 hit the mountain in Albenga area. Also, Dragunov was jumped by some low flying Spitfires over Luca. I continued alone and attacked 3 columns. Some of them were really tough and i spent a lot of 20mm on them. Finally when i left only on rice, decided to go to Pesaro.Rejoined there with Okl Killerfliege and we hit some flak positions. Since i was on 25liters i went to land in Rimini.

Kills: 3x planes shut down, 1x destroyed on the ground, 1x tanker sunk, 18 ground targets destroyed
Loses: 7x MC205, 2x Ju88