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    Hello there,

    I've asked how many E69 pilots will continue flying. They are 4 or 5, depend of their free time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Otsu View Post
    Thats true they have low profile but whatever the number of bombs you put on ship they must be sunk with at least 2x 250kg when you hit. But that is not the case here on LST_1.
    You can sunk LST_1 with Okha but no LSD-1
    Both use the same hull strength. Depend on the speed Ohka has, damage for that hull goes up to 100%. The same is for bombs, more speed, more damage. Skip off the water reduces speed and damage, but is safer to hit from distance.
    2x250kg is let say 60% of the damage made by single 500kg. If the plane with 500kg bomb would be able to fly 800km/h, it would make the same damage like Ohka B. If i remember, ships start to smoke and burn ~70% damage

    Why are hulls stronger for transports then they were in reality? Because we can have just 100 ships in SEOW per side, and in the game they are fps eaters. That means we can't put 800-1 000 ships which were present in reality. Having said that, stronger hulls are trade off. Any damaged ship automatically gets in the next mission reduced rate of fire and travel speed with also goes down with damage percentage. So anything > 80% damaged is a lost ship in terms of usability because it can not keep up with formation, and is logical thing for commander is to remove her out and leave her not to endanger the rest of the task force. The only bad thing is they are not smoking in the next mission so they could be visible from the big distance.

    In the next mission, already damaged ship does not need to receive total destruction visible by the player, but for example if it was already damaged, it need to receive just a bomb or two and she will be destroyed in analyze process when damage is combined. Players should try to aim always for one single hull so damage inside mission accumulate quicker and she might die in the same mission.

    Anyway, you know to use Ohka and bombs, because you are long long time in this. But for others who are not yet on the veteran level, here is the video i have recorded today which might help to demystify ship attacks.


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    Ok ok Nice démo i go training
    i juste have to add some fighters in defence

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