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    Default Next Learning/Teaching Campaign in Development : Operation Cobra

    Hi Guys, Kopfdorfer here. I am working on my next SEOW Campaign - again designed for LEARNING Commanders , and to introduce new pilots to SEOW. The context is fun while learning SEOW for all of us , myself included. I had hoped it to be Adler Tag , the first day of the Battle of Britain , but problems with Radar Objects and their inclusion as map actors , and their ridiculous pz strength of 40+ m ( yes 40+ !) made me change my mind. The Campaign will be Operation Cobra. Historical Background : By late July 1944 , the Allied beachhead in Normandie had stabilized , but despite taking a flogging , the Germans still held the Allied forces in check. In the eastern end of the lodgement , the Canadians, British and Poles faced most of the German Panzer reinforcements flowing in to Normandie. They had finally taken Carpiquet Airfield on July 8-9 ( though it was still not operational) , but the Germans still held part of Caen. To the West end of the lodgement , the US 1st Army ( General Bradley) had been contained in the thick bocage country for 7 long gruelling weeks partly due to the difficult terrain ( which US Army intel had under appraised) , and partly due to tenacious German defense. The city of St. Lo was finally taken on July 19 by the US 29th Infantry Division. Though the Allies did not know it ( for certain) , the German defences were wearing thin. General Bradley was desperate for his Army to breakout of the bocage country to the more open tank country to the south. This would provide room to activate the US 3rd Army (General Patton). His plan was called Operation Cobra. In order to tie up the largest number of German tanks away from Cobra , British General Mongomery would launch Operation Goodwood on July 18 , setting in motion the largest armoured battle in NWE to date. Cobra , starting with an unprecedented tactical use of heavy bombers was delayed by weather , and would begin on July 25. This SEOW Campaign will be fought on the Channel Circus Map. It will encompass 3 Campaign Dates July 25 , 26 , 27 1944. There will be 5 or 6 Day Missions per Campaign Date , and one night mission each for July 25/26 and July 26/27. British and Canadian Ground Forces will be represented as Command and Control , Anti-Aircraft , and Supply Transport units ONLY. Allied Naval Forces will be required to transport supplies from GB to the Landing Beaches. All Ground Combat will be in the Area defined by : Coutances to St.Lo in the north , and by Avranches to Conde in the south. Victory Conditions will revolve around 6 Control Points in the south of the German zone , and the rate of survival of German Ground Units in the Area, and units exited off the map area. Mission 1 will be dedicated to the initial heavy bomber attacks in the Cobra zone. The Allies will outnumber the Germans in the Air , on the Ground and at Sea , but this will be mitigated by very challenging victory conditions. Flying Blue in this campaign will challenge the psychology of the commanders and pilots alike , who must accept that they will take a licking , but if clever , intelligent and skillful , may still win the campaign. I am still constructing the template. The schedule is still undetermined at this time. Any comments and questions appreciated. Kopfdorfer(apologies for the spacing - I couldn't figure out how to do it correctly)
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    Default Re: Next Learning/Teaching Campaign in Development : Operation Cobra

    Wery nice concept Kopf. I am sure you will insist on details in every aspect. Please tell us a few things about the day of the week and mission start time....and of course start date.

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    Default Re: Next Learning/Teaching Campaign in Development : Operation Cobra

    Nice!We are interested, nice campaign!

    Tko leti vrijedi, tko vrijedi leti, tko ne leti ne vrijedi!

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