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Thread: Campaign end.

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    Default Campaign end.

    Salute all!

    I have received confirmation that IJA side will not continue remaining 3 missions because all land bases for them were lost and they were forced to fly long distance with minimal impact to the result with the available airforce they still have.
    So, officially this campaign is over and allies have successfully reached 11 victory points which is a Victory by the official goals.

    I would like to congratulate all participants, no matter how many mission they have flown, for their effort pursuing goals set by their HQs.
    Special thanks to both HQs for their work so all of us could have something to fly with every Sunday.

    This time allies have setup very good overall strategy and stick to it until the end, with just a small adaptations to counter IJA actions when needed, and that has clearly reflected to the result we have.
    IJA pilots gave allies quite big headache with their superior planes and skill. Add to this awesome AAA coverage of almost whole island, sky was certainly mastered by IJA.
    But unfortunately they have underestimated ground troop advances and troop transport ships for too long and that eventually led to their defeat. Attacking US carriers was certainly a good call, which by itself resulted in 100+ destroyed US planes, and forced allies to move away from the island. Some of the ships were even forced to withdraw off map because of their damage. One of axis pilots told me that ship gunners are blind and it is quite easy to enter ship formation. This probably led to the fact that IJA was too concentrated on capital ships, while actual work horses were LST and LST rocket ships which were carrying the troops and fuel all over the place and in 2-3 occasions also have been used as a attack ships and decoys. Allies were in fear from Ohkas. They were unstoppable. But also Ki-67 has proven it's value as a hard to kill plane which most of the time hit what he was aiming for.

    Allies have lost some 20% more planes in total which is quite acceptable result if we take into account aces from the other side and that half of the USN airforce was constantly doing air to ground or air to ship missions. On many occasions it was impossible to do anything if brute force and attrition approach was not used on tactical level.

    Allies have underestimated logistic and around mission 8-9 it was a hairy to supply the ships which require millions liters of fuel with just a few slow tankers available. Since IJA did not use recon planes often or they were shut down, lack of recon has helped those tankers to reach their destinations.

    All in all, i flew 10 missions on allied side and 1 on the axis side, and most of the time we had blast action. Not quite concentrate on our survival because of ability of multiple spawns, but concentrate on accomplishing particular goal for the mission which i think we did.

    At the end, i would like to thank Diego and Untamo for helping me out with making SEOW in dogfight mode and also using the server for hosting the campaign.

    Mission planner will be open for all with: admin password

    Thank you and salute all!


    P.S. I would really like to see if the same crew that won this one, could defend the island if we switch sides regardless if we use coop or dogfight mode....but over this we gonna use other topic
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    Default Re: Campaign end.

    Yes thanks to all for creating, planning and participating in this huge and awesome campaign.
    This time allies have setup very good overall strategy and stick to it until the end, with just a small adaptations to counter IJA actions when needed, and that has clearly reflected to the result we have.
    When outlining the initial strategy we figured it was safer to take Ie Shima first (CP + airfield) to at least secure a draw than to stick to the historical US strategy of landing the 10th Army at Yontan as historically they were better off due to some circumstances like the pre - emptive neutralisation of Japanese air power on Formosa and Okinawa (they had to fly from Kyushu) and of course the difference in pilot skill

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    Default Re: Campaign end.

    Thank you all who made this campaign possible

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