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    Default Any Campaigns Brewing ?

    Hi Guys,

    My last attempt to build a campaign ( Operation Cobra ) was too ambitious ( my own fault ) due to my desire to add
    aircraft to the HSFX air.ini for use in the campaign to create a more historical aircraft mix. I got into mod conflict problems
    that I was unable to iron out to my satisfaction.
    I also wanted to manipulate the make-up of columns and this was too much for me to sort through for one campaign.

    I have a couple of simpler ideas - in that they will require no additions to the base HSFX7 Order of Battle in terms of
    aircraft or columns.

    I just wondered whether anyone is still campaigning , or all the other old fossils like me have moved on to newer platforms.

    Anyone still out there ?


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    Default Re: Any Campaigns Brewing ?

    Hey Kopf!
    Nope, as far as we know, there are no more players left (better to say not enough) in 1946 world to justify spending hundreds of hours to make decent seow campaign. Yes, i know, too bad, because BoX, where majority have migrated, is nowhere near old IL2 in terms of stability, options, massiveness of available units in the editor and the particular mission. It just have eye candy features, better physics and very potential editor (in terms of logic) which 99% of the mission makers doesn't use at all. All is static and missions are not able to have one 10th what was able to be put in old IL2 mission. But anyhow, 2-3 dogfight servers are full every night and maximum what you can get it from is some good statistic for you or your squad. No other meaning or goal or anything. But we are also in it because we like to be with humans, not AIs. For me personally, 2 servers worth visiting are TaW and finnish virtual pilots. Frontline is static there (no realtime ground fighting), but at least, mission after is somehow connected with previous, so you at least have some illusion of doing something meaningfull

    A few months ago Untamo, Temuri and me have started to build SEOW replica for BoX. It is a long way to go and none of us have enough time to dive deep in to it to speed this up, but i do hope we will finish it in the future and bring it as close as possible to seow we used to know. Of course, this game limitation BoX have, complicate things a lot, but we will try to overcome problems and also we hope developers will update this half product to everyone's joy.

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