German Comand
h: 11.00

A short report from the front just arrived.

North sector:
Our tanks suffered horrific losses and were forced to retreat for 10 km.
Some reserve tanks have been deployed to stabilize the front and others are on the way, but for the moment we are forced to suspend the advance.

Central sector:
at the moment the situation is calm, but our troops report numerous movements by the enemy. We think they are planning a mighty offensive. For safety, our tanks have been positioned to reinforce the artillery.
- A prisoner revealed to us that a column is in sector 1316.

South sector:
our tanks are in position to launch an attack in the next few hours, the support of the air force could facilitate the task.
- According to a prisoner, currently the capacity of their front-line is around 90%

note: map it's not updated, but there were a small retreat just in the north sector.

Good luck!