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Bombers target is RESERVE NORTH. Varp and 1pl fighters will cover Attackers. (1PL, VARP , JG300). 6K
[18:34] IRRE_Golgoth21: No JABOS
[18:35] IRRE_Golgoth21: Fighters on scramble procedure until further Intel notice
[18:39] IRRE_Golgoth21: According Intel, we will propose 1 or 2 pairs of spotters. A spotter is a bate not a fighter. Do NOT ENGAGE. Once spotted, spotter have to drive ennemies to the main CAP waiting in the back or follow the ennemies form far behind (but still in sight) in order to guide main CAP onto the threat. (uređivano)
[18:39] IRRE_Golgoth21: That means COMMUNICATION
[18:40] IRRE_Golgoth21: Still true for the bombers. Bombers did a great job on SRS last night. (uređivano)
[18:41] IRRE_Golgoth21: SRS channel 6 for bombers and escort. We mean : VARP ESCORT and ATTACKERS, 1PL ESCORT and ATTACKERS and JG300 BOMBERS in channel 6 for coordination messages. (uređivano)
[18:42] IRRE_Golgoth21: Open to any alternative
[18:48] IRRE_Golgoth21: AGAIN, this is a draft, will be updated once Intel given. That might say, less spotters or spotters at 3 different levels : 8K, 4k, 2K or whatever close to this principle, according your experience.
25. studenoga 2021
[8:51] ITAF_Airone1989: So, are we going to attack North Reserve, right?
[8:55] IRRE_Golgoth21: Yes

@LW pilot reds will attack North or Central Depot